RadFaeNZ Spring Gathering (Beltane) -Labour Weekend October 24-28, 2020
To register for this event contact Moose fsusko@gmail.com

A gathering for gay/bi/pan/queer cis men, trans men, and transmasculine people at Autumn Farm.

Radical Faeries Aotearoa/New Zealand (RadFaeNZ) warmly invite you to join us in celebrating Beltane at Autumn Farm, home to our most honourable and esteemed Peter Finlayson and Pete Banham. Autumn Farm is a clothing optional, eco-friendly accommodation with a warm, inclusive social atmosphere. (Please note that Autumn Farm is a dog-free venue.) You’re welcome to arrive any time on Friday. If you would like to arrive a day or so earlier, please contact Peter and Pete at Autumn Farm to arrange additional accommodation at

What is a gathering?
Faerie gatherings are a time of creating community, a time to connect with the land and the seasons, a time for ritual and meditation, a time for sharing. We embrace each other as friends and lovers. We embrace ourselves as men who love men. We embrace the world we inhabit and this planet that gives us life. It is an opportunity to leave the concrete jungle behind and be present with each other and on the land.  The retreat is based on international Faerie traditions where activities and workshops are co-created. Anybody can propose and lead a workshop, ritual or other activity.

Beltane is a Gaelic festival held in the halfway point between the spring equinox and the summer solstice and is one of the four Gaelic seasonal festivals – along with Samhain, Imbolc and Lughnasadh. It marks the beginning of summer where rituals are performed to protect the crops and people and to encourage growth. Special bonfires are kindled, and their flames, smoke and ashes are deemed to have protective powers. We invite participants in particular to reflect on and be inspired by the themes of new beginnings and abundance of the inner world of our rich queer selves. 

The base registration fee for the gathering is $120. This includes the cost of the food and a campsite for your tent. We will send details on how to pay when you register. If camping is not your thing, Autumn Farm has a six-bed dorm room as well as cabins and rooms (bedding and towels are included). Peter and Pete are offering a special rate for the Gathering: The cost is an additional $75 per person for the dorm room. The cabins and rooms are available for an additional $175. Please contact Peter and Pete at Autumn Farm directly if you would like to stay in the dorm/cabin/room www.autumnfarm.com. Tell them you would like the rate for the Faerie Gathering during the Labour Day weekend. These accommodations fill up quickly for events at Autumn Farm so book early to ensure your space.
We’ll publish a statement of accounts for the gathering on our website after the event. If there’s any surplus over $300 we’ll reimburse that pro-rata to registrants.

Faerie Fee Fund
We operate a ‘NOTALOF’ policy (no one turned away for lack of funds). If the registration cost is a problem please contact your co-queen registrars: radfaenz@gmail.com. Also, if you would like to contribute to our Faerie Fee Fund you are most welcome to do so. To make a contribution, include the extra funds when you pay your registration fee. Your Queen Registrars will sort the payment to those in need. Your contribution is very much appreciated. 

Alcohol Policy
We strongly suggest you abstain from recreational drugs and alcohol during the gathering in order to remain present and respectful to ourselves and to each other. Mainstream gay community spaces typically include alcohol (for better or worse); part of the goal of the faeries is to provide a space that is alternative the mainstream.

What to bring
  • Tent (if you haven’t got one, contact us—we’ll come up with something).
  • Sleeping bag/bedding if you’re camping
  • Torch
  • Home baking to share for morning and afternoon tea
  • Outdoor clothes, footwear, and cold weather gear (just in case!)
  • Dress ups and accessories
  • Musical instruments
  • Games, glitter and decorations
  • ... And anything needed to run your own workshop!

To register for this event contact Moose
More information https://www.facebook.com/events/2058914451063176/