Nude Fringe Fest Feburary 22-25 2019
Safe and Private Grounds Golden Bay South Island
Campground, Dorms, Cabins and Lodge Rooms

This event in Late February is specifically designed for those folks, male and female who desire a more sensually open nudist experience.
If you are gay, bi, trans, polyamorous and into swinging, exhibitionism, voyeurism, fetishism, photography in a beautiful safe and private enviroment then this unique opportunity could be just what you’re looking for. Surprise us!
All activities must be consensual. Nudity or fetish wear is the preferred dress code.
Lounge proactively by the pool. Enjoy erotic massage. Interact with the other guests. Be open and honest about your desires and expectations.

We have a spacious camping ground and variety of inside accommodation to suit all budgets. We do meals or you can be self catering. Bathroom facilities are communal. For rates see our
accommodation page. Contact us by email