Your Hosts Peter & Pete

What we value

Body Positivity
We aim to work and play while we appreciate and rejoice in the diversity of our bodies, and
reject notions of body shame.

Environmental and social sustainability
As we progress into the 21st Century, we at Autumn Farm strive to minimise our
environmental impact.
We value reconnecting with the natural world, by the reduction of damaging practices and
We reconnect with each other in friendly and social activities, helping us to expand on more
virtual, technological interactions.

Financial accessibility
We offer a variety of packages and options, as well as the provision of voluntary effort as we
believe that finance should not create barriers to participation and inclusion.

Our queerness!
What this means in an ever changing world, also changes. We welcome your unique
queerness to add to our own. Let's respect each other's queerness, and take joy in adding to
the mix.

What you can expect

The facilities at Autumn Farm are communal. There are no en-suites. The lifestyle here is
eco positive with composting toilets, solar water heating, recycling of waste and inclusive
social atmosphere. Meals are available on request or you can be self-catering.
Situated amidst our 1.2ha (3 acre) garden are a Campground, Lodge, Rustic Cabins and
Dormitory. Autumn Farm is a perfect place to come to experience rural gay community, chill
out in our beautiful garden, interact with other guests or explore the amazing scenic wonders
of Golden Bay.

We are open all year. Reservations are always helpful. Day visitors are welcome to use our
facilities for a $20 fee. 10am to 5pm.

You can also stay long term for a very reasonable cost.

Our venue can be hired out for special events with rates negotiable.

We are a dog and cat free zone.