Faerie Spring Gathering Labour Weekend
October 2022 Friday 21 to Monday 24

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Gatherings are where Radical Faeries get together! They are different to mainstream gay spaces such as bars, clubs and saunas which are primarily defined by a sexual dynamic, with Faerie Gatherings focusing on answering the following questions: what if everything was gay? What, in such a world would be important to us? And, most importantly, what mischief can we get up to, and what fun is there to be had? Gatherings provide an opportunity for us to answer those questions and, if only for a few days, live in that world. They are a time for imagination, creativity, passion, sharing, teaching, learning, understanding and healing. Faerie Gatherings can take many forms, but there are two consistent features of most gatherings:

Firstly, Heart Circles are the core of a gathering, where Faeries share their feelings, experiences and realities, speaking from the heart and accepting the experiences and realities of others openly and without judgement.

Secondly, Workshops can be offered by any Faerie, and anybody can propose and lead a workshop, ritual or other activity. Workshops are how the Faeries share their knowledge, skills and perspectives with each other to build community and strength.

Radical Faeries are a loose association of (mostly) gay/queer men who are fun, creative, passionate, honest, and genuine. The Radical Faeries gather together to experience and and explore what it is to be “gay-centered” - to create spaces where gay men are the majority and discover what is important to us as a group. Exactly what Radical Faeries do changes from place to place, but they are held together by a core of shared values - typically, the Radical Faeries believe:
• That gay men play an important role and make a real contribution to our wider communities and society, and that we have an essential purpose in the fabric of what it is to be human;
• That Radical Faerie groups and spaces should be grassroots, co-created, and places where everyone is equal;
• In being politically progressive, but without judgement or discrimination of different views or beliefs;
• In Radical Expression and Radical Acceptance.
• In being identity-positive – that is to be sex positive, body positive, race/ethnically positive, anything-else-that-matters-positive.