We’ve been welcoming volunteers for three decades, who work for four hours each day in exchange for bed and board. We don't cater for specialised dietary requirements - you'll have to make your own arrangements in that respect.

We ask for a minimum stay of one week and no costs are involved.

Work depends on the seasons and your skills. Outdoor work is mainly gardening or property maintenance, but can be stoking the bath house boiler. Indoor work may include hospitality, cooking or cleaning. We would also expect you to share in the daily chores that are part of everyday living within a family.

If you have a particular skill to offer we’d love to hear about it.

We're str8 friendly and you don’t have to be gay or bisexual to volunteer at Autumn Farm (but we would love it if you are!). During Dec through to April we only accept placements for male volunteers.

However, the resort is clothing optional and there's only a communal bath house, so potential volunteers would not want to be offended by nudity.

Dependent upon the seasonal demands for guest bookings, volunteer accommodation can range from rooms in the Lodge to comfortable cabins with sun decks, through to beds in the communal bunk house, or cosy tent.

There's also sites in our camping ground available should you prefer.
Many of our volunteers enjoy being here so much that they come back every year.


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